Rafa’s Temaki

Rafa’s Temaki is Ireland’s first Temakeria. A Temakeria is a healthy fast food service of Japanese food, which propose a new way of eat tasty, healthy and fresh food, that will revolutionize the mode of order sushi and promise conquer you.

What is Temaki? Temaki is a delicious and natural evolution of the Japanese food sushi and sashimi. Originally, in Japanese “te” means “hand” and “maki” means “rolled up”.

Temaki is composed by rice and filled in with a huge variety of fresh ingredients, wrapped up in nori (Japanese seaweed) in a cone shape.


Telephone: +353 89 961 9259
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Opening Hours

Summer hours!
Mon - Wed 9am-7pm
Thurs - Sat 9am-7.30pm
Sun 10am-7.30pm

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